Are you ready to move into your new house? Here is everything you need to know about becoming a homeowner in 2020.

If you’re a first-time homebuyer, you’re probably excited and a bit overwhelmed – at the prospect of shopping for a new home.
There are a lot of details involved in this process, including applying for and obtaining a mortgage, and it’s a lot to take in.

This first-time homebuyer’s guide will walk you through the steps of becoming a homeowner for the first time. It will help you understand how to get ready and will help ease the way.

How to check and fix your credit score

In reviewing your mortgage application, your lender will be most
interested in your credit.

How to determine your downpayment

Determine how much money you can apply toward a down payment on your new home.

What documents you will need to get pre-approved

After receiving your loan estimate, you will be asked to provide a wide range of financial documents as you prepare your mortgage application.

First Time Home Buyers FAQ's

We have selected the most common questions we receive from our First Time Buyers and add them to this e-book.

Finally, turn your dreams of owning your First Home into reality! Our free guide, is everything you need to help you get ready to become a home owner.

Our mortgage experts know the ins and outs of the home-buying process and can help you make sense of it all. We will find the loan program that best fits your specific situation. That can be helpful since there are a lot of options.

If you are just getting started, on this free ebook you will find some great advice on what steps to take now.

What Our Readers Are Saying Now if we did not convince you, maybe a few words from our members will!

Edward Harrison

A very informative guide to understanding what needs to be done to purchase your first home. I recommend you get a copy of this ebook, this will bring a complete perspective to the process you will go through.

Norma Patterson

I find this ebook very interesting and helpful because obviously, purchasing your first home can be confusing and challenging when you don’t have the experience. By going step by step on this ebook, I found myself with a way better idea of what I was going through and what documentation will I need, so I had a smooth process since I had pretty much everything ready for the mortgage lender.

Matthew Jones

This is an excellent ebook for someone trying to get ready to purchase a home for the first time. Now I have a better idea of all the things that I have to take care of before starting looking for a house I might not be able to afford.

 It will also give me what I need to get ready as far as documentation and downpayment options and to take care of a few things on my credit report.

Learn how to become a homeowner in 2020